Dental Crowns at Aspire Dental

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Aspire Dental South Weymouth Dental Crown

Aspire Dental works hard to improve your smile and keep you feeling good. However, even with the best hygiene, teeth can sometimes suffer from natural decay. Aspire Dental Health can place a dental crown on any tooth to improve the look and feel of your mouth and gums.

Many people across all ages suffer from tooth decay and the damage that can occur from natural gaps in teeth, normal wear and tear from chewing, and the stress that is placed on a patient’s teeth following surgery such as a wisdom teeth extraction. A dental crown will protect a specific tooth and the surrounding teeth from any further damage.

The types of crowns consist of gold, porcelain, or porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns that work as a cap over your tooth. Although they are metals, your Aspire Dental dentist will match your crown to the shade of your teeth so they are unnoticeable! There are also whitening treatments to match your teeth to your crown in case your natural teeth become stained.

There is no need for anxiety because a dental crown from Aspire Dental will not affect your ability to speak and eat. It will only make you more confident in public, in front of colleagues at work, and in any social setting, you may have on the calendar.

We work with you to be certain that the use of your mouth is not impeded. Anxiety over dental work affects about 36% of the population so it’s a situation we deal with frequently. It is natural to have some hesitation when a dentist is working inside your mouth.

However, there is nothing to worry about when our dental professional installs a dental crown! Our dentists are highly trained and can walk you through every step to make you less anxious about the procedure you are facing. Thanks to local anesthesia, placing a dental crown is a fast and painless process.

Before the crown is placed, an impression is made to ensure a good fit. This can cause some slight discomfort as the mold sets. Patients with a sensitive gag reflex may be especially worried but your dentist will speak to you beforehand about this possibility and take all necessary precautions.

One helpful tip for patients is to sit up and breathe through their nose. It also helps to keep in mind that it takes only 1 to 2 minutes for the mold to harden. Once the mold is set, the temporary crown can be created and placed.

In total, It takes about 40 to 60 minutes to install a temporary crown. Generally, a temporary crown is installed first, then after 2 to 3 weeks of fabrication, the permanent crown is ready to be placed. These are custom-made to match your teeth as closely as possible.

Our dentist will work with you to make sure the crown fits with no discomfort. Our professionals will use a small file to shave the crown to make your bite as natural as possible and remove any rough edges. As mentioned before, your dentist will make your crown as inconspicuous as possible.

Please let your dentist know of any issues with your dental crown as soon as possible. Issues such as difficulty flossing or an uneven bite could mean your crown has moved or was improperly placed. Avoid missing your permanent crown appointment as keeping your temporary crown in for too long could cause difficulties.

Also, try to avoid sticky foods, hard candy, or chewing on ice when the temporary crown is in place. Both of these issues may lead to the dentist having to do a second impression. Make certain to follow the advice of your dentist at Aspire Dental to keep your teeth happy.

Our dental professionals are waiting to help you determine if crowns are a good fit for you, so call 781.660.7800 for an appointment today. For information on the other types of dental services we provide, take a look at our website.